LED Buttons

I often get asked “Where do you get those buttons you use in your modules/kits?” or “Where can I get different colors of those buttons?”

If you just want a few buttons, a company called Well Buying makes a suitable replacement. Mouser carries them.

Here is the datasheet.

And here are some of Well Buying’s part numbers (search for these numbers at mouser.com if the links aren’t working):

PS004-L22NPR1AXTURXX (Red latching)

PS004-L22NPR1AXTUGXX (Green latching)

PS004-L22NPR1AXTUYXX (Yellow latching)

PS004-N22NPR1AXTURUG (Red/Green momentary)

PS004-N22NPR1AXBUBXX (Blue momentary)

PS004-N22NPR1AXRURXX (Red momentary)

PS004-N22NPR1AXTUYXX (Yellow momentary)

Mouser’s stock varies, and they may carry different colors, so try some searches on mouser to see if they have new stuff.

The caps on these buttons are translucent in a slightly different way than the ones we use in our kits and modules, but they are a drop-in replacement.

If you want to get a lot of buttons, I’ve heard that Well Buying will sell them to you direct at a much cheaper price. Or, if you prefer the exact buttons we use, then email me and I can refer you to our contact. Minimum order is several thousand pieces from our supplier.